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Top 10 World’s largest Oceans and Seas


Top 10 World’s largest Oceans and Seas

1.Pacific Ocean  —  181,343,000 (sq. km)

The Pacific Ocean is located in very large areas of the American, Australian and Asian continent.  The Pacific Ocean has several islands, large and small, dispersed throughout its region.

2.Atlantic Ocean  —  94,314,000 (sq. km)

The Atlantic Ocean is located near the continents of America, Africa and Europe. The climate of the Atlantic Ocean is affected by winds, water currents and surface waters.

3.Indian Ocean  —  74,118,000 (sq. km)

The Indian Ocean is located in South Asia. It’s covers about 20% of the earth’s surface. It is surrounded by Australia in the east, Africa in the west and Asia in the north.

4.Arctic Ocean —  12,256,000 (sq. km)

The Arctic Ocean is located in the Northern Hemisphere and North Polar Region. Most are partly covered by sea ice for most of the year.

5.Coral Sea  —  4,791,000 (sq. km)

The Coral Sea is located near Australia and New Zealand. UNESCO has declared Coral sea the Great Barrier Reef. The fishing activity is strongly restriction in this area.

6.Arabian Sea  —  3,864,000 (sq. km)

The Arabian Sea is located between Middle East Asia and India. For a long time, the Arabian Sea has been a major maritime route from a commercial point of view.

7.South China Sea  —  3,686,000 (sq. km)

The South China Sea is located close to Singapore and South China. Most of the world’s maritime navigation is done through the South China Sea.

8.Caribbean Sea  —  2,753,000 (sq. km)

The Caribbean Sea is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Almost 9% of the world’s coral reef is found in the Caribbean Sea.

9.Mediterranean Sea  —  2,515,000 (sq. km)

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean Sea is the largest inland sea in the world.

10.Bering Sea  —  2,305,000 (sq. km)

The Bering Sea is separated from the Gulf of Alaska by the Alaska Peninsula.  It is located between Russia and the United States.

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