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Top 10 Shortest People in the world


Top 10 Shortest People in the world

10 Lin Yü-chih – 2.21 ft

Lin Yü-chih born in Taiwan on 1972. Lin Yü-chih works as an author, and is also the founder of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Association.

9. Khagendra Thapa Magar – 2.21 ft

Khagendra Thapa Magar was born in Nepal on 1992. Khagendra Thapa Magar is a primordial dwarf, a form of dwarfism that is known from before birth.

8. István Tóth – 2.13 ft

István Tóth was born in Hungary on 1983. Guinness Book World Records wasn’t able to verify this as he died in May 2011 at the age of 28.

7. Madge Bester – 2.13 ft

Madge Bester was born in South Africa on 1963. Bester, like Lin Yü-chih, suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, and is confined to a wheelchair as a result of her condition.

6. Lucia Zarate – 2.00 ft

Lucia Zarate was born in Mexico in 1864 who was the first person to ever have been diagnosed with the rare Majewski osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type II disease which results in brain and skeletal abnormalities.

5. Junrey Balawing – 1.96 ft

Junrey Balawing was born in Filipino. Junrey Balawing reportedly stopped growing a few months after he was born in 1993.

4. Jyoti Amge – 1.91 ft

Jyoti Amge Born in India in 1993. She is only shortest living woman in the current world. Amge’s dream to win an Oscar, and she is well on her way to Hollywood fame, having starred in a season of American Horror Story in 2014.

3. Pauline Musters – 1.90 ft

Pauline Musters was born in the Netherlands in 1876 and died only at age 19. She is the shortest woman ever recorded in Guinness Book.

2. Gul Mohammed – 1.87 ft

Gul Mohammed Born in India in 1957 and died at age 40.He was a pauper.

1. Chandra Bahadur Dangi – 1.79 ft

Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal, was the ever shortest man in the history of the world. He died in 2015.

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