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Top 10 Most Expensive Buildings of the World


Top 10 Most Expensive Buildings of the World

10.Emirates Palace — Abu Dhabi ($3.64 Billion)

Emirates Palace is a modern hotel, but still built with the intention of showing true Arabian culture.

9.World Trade Center — New York ($3.92 Billion)

World Trade Center was built after destruction of previous World Trade Center in 9/11. The building is currently the 6th tallest building in the world with 104 floors.

8.The Cosmopolitan — Las Vegas ($4.24 Billion)

This building has one the nice luxury hotels with 3000 room and a 10000 m2   casino.

7.Apple Campus – California ($ 5 Billion)

Apple Park is at the total of 175 acres and is housing over 12, 000 employees. Steve Jobs wanted to build the best office in the entire world. It opened to employees in April 2017, while construction was still underway.

6.Marina Bay Sands – Singapore ($6 Billion)

This incredibly expensive building had its opening in 2010 and it has “world’s most expensive casino.

5.Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore ($6.59 Billion)

It may seem like multiple buildings, but it is a connected residence.

4.Olkiluto Nuclear Power Plant – Finland ($9 Billions)

This is the biggest nuclear facilities in the world, with two gigantic reactors – supplying the Finnish population with electricity.

3.Tokamak Reactor – France ($14.25 Billion)

Tokamak is the world’s largest fusion experiment. 35 nations are collaborating to build and operate the Tokamak.

2.Abraj Al Bait – Mecca ($15 Billion)

Abraj Al Bait is a hotel building complex of 7 large skyscrapers, the biggest, and a clock tower in the middle.   The hotel is very popular for all the millions of pilgrims visiting Mecca yearly.

1.Palace of Versailles – France ($ 16 Billion)

Versailles was the place for political power of France in the 17th century.  The king of France, Louis XIV, started the creation of what was going to be the world’s most expensive building till this very day.

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