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Top 10 less costly quality private university of Bangladesh


Top 10 less costly quality private university of Bangladesh

University are two types, Public and Private. In Bangladesh, public universities are fully supported by government. Private universities are fully dependent on student. There is no govt. support or Subsidy for private university. When Student passed, Bangladesh govt. can’t provide sufficient public seat for student though they are meritorious also.  So student need to choose private university for fulfill their dream by their own finances.

Tuition fees are more costly in private universities and this is too much for some parents. If any student fail any subject, he retakes the subject with same cost. So private universities are fully involved with money of student. This is injustice for student and obstacles for proper education.

This is very important for student to choose good private universities within their limited budget.

At present there are 92 private universities in Bangladesh. The first private university is The North South University (NSU), established in 1992.


There is some specific parameter mentioned below to rank less costly quality private universities.

  1. Teaching and learning Environment
  2. Quality of Teachers
  3. Research Facilities
  4. Financial Waivers
  5. Library and Laboratories
  6. Graduation Rate
  7. Size of the University
  8. Updated Course Curriculum
  9. Higher Study Opportunities  in Abroad
  10. Sports Participation
  11. Alumni Network
  12. Cost of Tuition, Living, and Transport
  13. Available Majors and Study Areas
  14. Safety and Campus Security
  15. Permanent Campus
  16. Jobs and Internship Opportunities


University of Asia Pacific (UAP)

Eastern University Bangladesh (EU)

Daffodil International University (DIU)


University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)


Southeast University


International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)


State University of Bangladesh


Stamford University Bangladesh


Green University of Bangladesh


ASA University Bangladesh

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