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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World


Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

10.Karakoram Highway (Pakistan to China)

It is considered sometimes the Eighth Wonder of the World, because it was built 15,000 feet high above sea level and under very rough conditions.

This dangerous road covers more than 1,300 kilometers.

9.Logging Road (Europe)

It must be one of the most dangerous roads in earth. Of course, there are many other logging roads throughout the world, many of which are not paved, while others are little more than animal trails.

8.Pan American Highway (Alaska to Chile)

The Pan-American Highway is one of the biggest adventures in the world. This dangerous roads covering almost 48,000 kilometres (30,000 mi) from North America to South America.

7.Sichaun-Tibet Highway (China)

This very long highway – 2,028 kilometers in length – connects Sichaun to Tibet.

Many thousands of people per year have died while traveling on the Sichaun-Tibet Highway.

6.James Dalton Highway (Alaska)

Alaska is not only dangerous road but also the coldest roads in the planet.

The Highway is 414 miles long.

5.Siberian Road to Yakutsk (Russia)

Road of Bones is the challenging road of the Siberia. Its way through one of the coldest regions in the world.

It is about 760 miles long.

4.Guoliang Tunnel Road (China)

Chinese government did not agree to build the tunnel for only 300 villagers Then 13 of those villagers decided to build 8 mile tunnel through the solid rock of a vertical cliff.

The tunnel is 15 feet high and 12 feet wide, enough for two cars. This road is particularly dangerous when it rains.

3.Zoji Pass (India)

The roads is the most notorious for being one of the riskiest mountain passes in the world.

Zoji Pass is generally closed during the winter. It was originally built for military purposes.

It is about 9 kilometers long.

2.North Yungas Road (Bolivia)

This road is recognized The Road of Death. About 200 to 300 travelers per year died on the road.

The Road of Death is 40 miles of one-lane road.

1.Fairy Meadows Road (Pakistan)

The Fairy Meadows Road is only for people who love to drive in the mountains and have nerves. It is open only during the summer months. The road was built hundreds of years ago by villagers and has not been repaired over the decades.

Road is about 16 kilometers long.

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